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What is Bubbles? 

A Modern UI for the Modern User

Bubbles is a seamless online meeting experience. Built directly on top of Zoom, Bubbles allows people to conduct and attend multiple Zoom meetings in tandem. At a glance, users can view all ongoing meetings in an event and gain rich insights about a meeting without ever entering one. What's more? You can be in two places at once using our custom Bubble Chat experience that allows you be inside one Bubble Meeting and still have full access to the chats of all other Bubbles in the event. 

Online Meetings Reimagined... 

Organize your meetings on a Bubble Board that provides your participants with a rich overview of all meetings available. Click a bubble to enter a meeting. Click again to exit and go back to your bubble board. Easy! 

Gain Rich Insights Before Entering a Meeting! 

Waiting for a 1-1 with a recruiter? Find out how many people are in the queue. Which meeting is trending? Just look at the number of people inside a bubble. Skip bubbles marked 'Inactive' and go to the ones that matter to you. 

An intuitive user experience

In a hurry? Simply upload your resume to a Bubble using our 'resume drop' feature. Been waiting to talk to somebody for a while? Check out the approximate wait time we calculate using our intelligent prediction systems.    

Had a long chat? Feel free to jot a few notes about that Bubble Meet right next to your bubble. Don't worry, we'll organize your notes and save them to your computer once the Bubble Meet is over. What else? Bubble Owners can lock Bubbles and provide access to only pre-approved participants. 

Favorite the Bubbles you Love! 

Fan of a particular bubble? We got you covered. Drag that bubble into your personal favorites bucket or just mark it with a 'star.' 

Introducing Bubble Chats

Now you can be in two places at once

At a large event where you seem to want to attend everything? No problem. Hop into a single Bubble Meet and continue contributing to the conversation of any other Bubble at your event. 

Online Events Just Got Smarter

Data Analytics Curated For You 

Show your boss an easy summary of your day's work with beautifully crafted dashboards that tell you everything from clicks on your Bubble to average talk time. 

Be in the Know

Act on Insights

Has your Bubble been quiet lately? Check out other Bubbles' dashboards and find out what you might be missing. Machine Learning enables us to provide you with insights that go beyond a basic spreadsheet.

The Bubble Conversation Rating

Enter meetings that you value

We use intelligent algorithms paired with Machine Learning to provide you with a percentage that describes how engaging conversation is inside a Bubble. 

Our Company Promise

We will never compromise on your privacy

Rest assured, we will only collect data that you have approved us to collect. Organizers have the option to have ALL relevant data deleted from our servers after a Bubble Board event expires. We prioritize maximum transparency to ensure your safety.