Explore Different Ways you could use Bubbles! 

Your classroom at a glance...

Easily monitor your students and keep record of student activity. Click a student bubble to launch into a Zoom meeting with him/her. Students can simply submit assignments via the Homework Dropbox and earn stars for positive behavior. 

Interact with students

Right-click on a Bubble to open a student's profile. Enable or disable certain features for your students to limit disruptions. 

All your patients in front of you

Bubbles makes it extremely simple to offer your patients the best tele-health experience possible. A single doctor can add all his/her patients to a Bubble Board and efficiently meet with patients in an organized fashion. 

SCRUM like never before

View all your teams at a glance and hop in and out of meetings. Mark statuses for any team and create an open forum at your company! 

We've got tons of great templates just like these that you can use to get started with Bubbles!